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Looking for a serverless platform to lower operational costs and reduce time to market? Must it handle data in a scalable, resilient and elastic way? Akka Serverless provides a hosted solution for deploying stateful services you build using Cloudstate. Cloudstate enables creation of highly responsive stateful serverless systems with a minimal learning curve—​using techniques and programming languages that you already know. When you deploy Cloudstate services on Akka Serverless, you can avoid the complexity associated with provisioning and managing the production environment.

This guide describes how to develop stateful services and deploy them on Akka Serverless. To quickly find the information of interest:

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Why Cloudstate for developing services?

Serverless frameworks promise greater scalability, more flexibility, and quicker time to release—​all at a reduced cost. However, the majority of serverless frameworks do not provide these benefits for stateful services. Instead, when services need data, they must know how to connect to a database or fetch it from an external persistent store. This interdependence on the data store limits scalability and resilience and increases the cost of infrastructure management. Typically, the services are also short-lived and fetch the same data repeatedly, wasting expensive computing resources. Due to these limitations, some serverless frameworks are now adding stateful capabilities.

The open source project Cloudstate, sponsored by Lightbend, was built from the ground up to support stateful microservices on a serverless platform. With Cloudstate, when your code creates or modifies state, Cloudstate handles it transparently. Using advanced techniques, Cloudstate optimizes reads and writes with the desired consistency while avoiding contention in a secure way. Frameworks that treat serverless functions as a “black box” can neither help you with, nor optimize, state management.

Cloudstate provides a framework for serverless functions, emphasizing high productivity and responsiveness without trading one for the other. Services built with Cloudstate are resilient, elastic and scalable by nature, allowing you to focus on delivering business value quickly and reliably.

Why Akka Serverless for deployment?

Akka Serverless is a hosted and managed production environment for deploying stateful services that you build using Cloudstate. Just as Cloudstate handles the complexities of state management for you, Akka Serverless removes the need to build, maintain, and manage the deployment platform. Akka Serverless is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Lessons from over a decade of running Akka applications in the real-world have been distilled into Cloudstate and Akka Serverless. This saves you significant time-to-market, and reduces risk dramatically. You can immediately deploy and run your Cloudstate services in a production-ready environment—​knowing that the scalability and responsiveness that you need is there from day one.