Welcome to Akka Serverless!

Akka Serverless makes development and operation of high-performing stateful services enjoyable: it provides SDKs for building services, and a managed cloud platform for deploying them. The SDKs expose a simple programming model, available in popular programming languages, that eliminates the need for plumbing code to handle database access or connections. The managed platform relieves you from configuring and maintaining the orchestration platform, and the data stores. Akka Serverless auto-scales services, and handles network partitions and failures. It also gives clear visibility into the running system with unified and scalable logging and monitoring.

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Database-less development focus

Serverless frameworks typically optimize for stateless execution. This can create challenges for applications that require reliability, and scalability under variable load, because:

  • Implementing routine database logic-defining and deploying schemas, establishing connections, and ensuring proper security—​consumes a lot of time and effort.

  • Achieving high throughput and resilience with database access in a distributed environment requires specialized skills.

  • Controlling costs can be impossible when demand varies.

Akka Serverless solves these challenges with an architecture that co-locates state and code and manages data transparently. Your business logic has immediate access to distributed state, without making explicit database calls.

Simplified programming model

Akka Serverless SDKs expose a straightforward programming model that takes advantage of open standards. For example, use of gRPC enables clients and services to communicate transparently and handles serialization. It allows you to define APIs and have the compiler generate data access classes—​you only need to provide the implementation.

To create a stateful service:

  1. Define the API and the domain data model in gRPC descriptors. The compiler creates data access stubs that support both remote procedure calls (RPC) and HTTP.

  2. Choose a state model to control data consistency, contention and performance.

  3. Implement the business logic in your language of choice (JavaScript and/or Java for production APIs).

Managed production platform

Akka Serverless leverages the power of Akka—​which runs some of the biggest cloud workloads out there today—​to ensure that services scale to meet performance and latency SLAs. You can deploy your services using a CLI or browser-based Console, both of which support modern toolchains. After deployment, you get immediate access to logs and metrics. Since Akka Serverless provides data management, it can provide a much deeper insight into application operations. For instance, when scaling a service Akka Serverless knows which data is managed by each instance, making observability and diagnosis fast and easy.

By completely handling operations for you while ensuring responsiveness and scalability, Akka Serverless delivers continuous value.