Develop services

After setting up your local development environment, and understanding how to design services, you are ready to start defining your services and implementing your entities. Services specify their interfaces using gRPC descriptors, so the first step in developing a new service is to create a .proto file that contains the descriptor. The gRPC CLI, protoc generates code for populating, serializing, and retrieving data from your entities. Next, for stateful services, you implement entities that contain your business logic, using either Event Sourced or Replicated Entities.

At runtime, command messages will invoke operations on your entities. A command may only act on one entity at a time. If you would like to update multiple entities in a single command, you can use forwarding and effects.

The pages in this section provide more information on:

Once you understand the basics, see how they apply to a particular language:

When you are ready to package and deploy your services, see Deploy services.